This section contains reports relating to the Belleville North Solar Project.

16 November 2018
Notice of Project Change
Modification Document – Proposed On-Site Fuel Storage

14 March 2012
Renewable Energy Approval
Renewable Energy Application Form

2 March 2012
Wellwater Monitoring Program.pdf

15 December 2011
Construction Plan Report - Rev 2.pdf
Decommissioning Plan Report - Rev 2.pdf
Design and Operations Report - Rev 2.pdf
Noise Assessment Report - Rev 2.pdf

23 November 2011
Executive Summary.pdf
Construction Plan Report.pdf
Decommissioning Plan Report.pdf
Design and Operations Report.pdf
Natural Heritage Environmental Impact Study.pdf
Natural Heritage Site Investigation Report.pdf
Natural Heritage Records Review Report.pdf
Natural Heritage Evaluation of Significance Report.pdf
Noise Assessment Report.pdf
Archaeological Assessment Report.pdf
Water Body Records Review Report.pdf
Water Body Site Investigation Report.pdf
Water Body Environmental Impact Study.pdf
Consultation Report - Main Report and Appendixes A-C.pdf
Consultation Report - Appendixes D-J.pdf
Project Description Report.pdf

25 March 2011
Draft Executive Summary - Rev 0.pdf
Draft Construction Plan Report - Rev 0.pdf
Draft Decommissioning Plan Report.pdf
Draft Design and Operations Plan - Rev 0.pdf
Draft Natural Heritage Environmental Impact Study - Rev E.pdf
Draft Natural Heritage Site Investigation Report - Rev E.pdf
Draft Natural Heritage Records Review Report - Rev E.pdf
Draft Natural Heritage Evaluation of Significance Report - Rev E.pdf
Draft Noise Assessment - Rev 0.pdf
Draft Stage 1 and 2 - Archaeological Assessment Report.pdf
Draft Water Body Records Review Report - Rev 0.pdf
Draft Water Body Site Investigation Report - Rev 0.pdf
Draft Water Body Environmental Impact Study - Rev 0.pdf